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   The SBMU School of Rehabilitation Sciences began its mission in 1974 in an area of 4000m² under the title of “The Institute of Optometry” affiliated in the then “Daneshgah-E-Melli” (National University), and until around the time of the Islamic Revolution, the only field of study there was optometry. In 1986, the “Institute of Optometry” was integrated to the SBMU School of Para-Medical Sciences, and gradually, other fields of study in rehabilitation sciences, such as audiology, occupational therapy, and physical therapy were also added to it. Until the fall, 1994, all the above fields were offered and practiced in the second building of the SBMU School of Para-Medical Sciences, but then, the Development Council of the Medical Universities approved the establishment of the School of Rehabilitation Sciences, which resulted in the formation of the SBMU School of Rehabilitation.The educational and treatment problems of the fields of study at the school forced SBMU to revise the management and administrative system, and to establish an integrated school. Since 1994, the SBMU School of Rehabilitation has been on its mission independently with basic changes in its physical space, machinery, and necessary equipment (a library, textbooks, books, audio-visual aids, labs, and a restaurant) for the needs of the academic staff and the students as well as the personnel. Presently, all activities including education, research, and administration at the SBMU School of Rehabilitation are being performed independently.



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